What kind of camera do you use?

Typically the one I have closest to me, however, my Canon 5d’s (2,3 & 4) have taken me around the world many times over. I also enjoy shooting my Minolta CLE rangefinder and my iPhone.

When did you get into photography?

I became fascinated with creating and capturing images in my early teens. The first time I discovered how to create bokeh with my brothers SLR I became hooked.

Best travel tips?

Be friendly, respect the culture and talk to everyone you meet. You’ll quickly gain life longs friends around the globe.


How many countries have you traveled?

About 47 but if you count long layovers as “traveled” make it 60.

WHat is your favorite/least favorite Place you’ve been.

Favorite country hands down, Nepal.

Least favorite? I dont think ive been somewhere I wouldn’t want to go back to someday…

Where do you want to go that you HAVEN'T been yet?